some preview pix of the MOSHTACHE MIX-CD i’m sending out tomorrow/late weekend, had a few hours to kill + some leftover uni work to cut-up and collage so i spend my afternoon that should of been focusing on packing up my abode in falmouth into making a cool little cd package… thing.

pretty sure i reblogged mosh on the idea, scroll down to have a looksie and make a cd/tape to send! mine is called SHUDDERING EARTH and it’s a selection of tracks to make the ground shake. the title is from the last track on the new OLD MAN GLOOM album, which is sick.

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    So on this.
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    I may have to do this..
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    Oh wow, that is nice. Looks like I’ll have to up my game.
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    So sick, the effort some of you guys are putting into to this. It’s only been a couple days but I really think this...
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